Jonathan Parkin - Silkworm silk tiesWelcome to our web site and on-line silk tie shop.

In 1993 Jonathan Parkin set up Silkworm ties after his love for designing unusual neckwear.

We do not follow fashion in the high street as we want to be treated as individuals and so desire the individual tie.

So we have embarked on innovation to produce our ground breaking designs with style and flair.

All our neckties are made by hand including a slip stich just above the tie tipping on the reverse and we use only the finest weight silk fabrics and wool mix interlinings, nothing is left to chance to make the most exceptional ties.

Over the years we have built up a substantial reputation for design, quality and customer service, with many of our customers being with us from day one and who are always eager to see the new collections.

"Thank you again for the top service!"

Bought six ties for my wedding as I was struggling to find something different and it was through a friend at work who gave me your address....ordered them on Thursday expecting them in four or five days time..but no..they arrived the next day! and oh what comments!

Debbie, Newcastle

Interesting facts about silk neckties

A good quality silk tie requires approximately 110 silkworm cocoons.

Around the whole world, the silk tie is considered to be the most popular father's day gift.

A person who collects ties is known as Grabatologist.

The silk necktie originated from a silk scarf that used to be worn by Croatian soldiers and it later came to be known as cravate.

The English developed neckwear so thick that they could even stop a sword thrust and merely touching a man's tie knot was a cause for a duel.

It is possible to buy a bulletproof tie that can even stop a 9mm bullet, although not from Silkworm.

Shih Huang Ti, the first Chinese emperor wore a tie as long ago as 210 B.C.